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We all have days in our lives that mark tremendous change;

some good, some bad, many memorable, many that we would like to forget.  June 12, 2015 is a date that will forever be remembered by every member of my family as the day that our dear mother’s life ended as we had always known her and, yet, started as we know her now.  That was the day that our very active, independently living 85-year-old mom had a devastating back surgery which resulted in her confinement to bed for approximately 18 months and now, four years later, to a wheelchair.  And it was that lifestyle change which prompted me to figure out ways to address the problems facing her every day, and I emphasize, every day of the rest of her life.

During her initial confinement to bed, two of my sisters took over her care until she was moved to the home of one sister and her husband.  With the help of various caregivers, my sister and her husband  took care of Mom for about a year before we moved her to an assisted living facility.  While taking care of her, my sister cut open the backs of Mom’s nightgowns in order to properly care for her.  After visiting her several times and seeing the tops of the gowns falling down and not providing adequate coverage, I started taking one or two gowns at a time and sewing small strips of Velcro to provide closure on the top backside of the gowns.  After modifying several of her gowns, I decided to make one with very little on the back and that was the initial concept for “Full FrontALL”……a gown with a full front for dignity, but easy access for the caregivers.

Mom wasn’t crazy about the completely open back, so I added a top section to the back with Velcro closures on the left side at the shoulder, around the sleeve back and the side.  This worked well for her.

Full FrontALL clothing is currently available with open back or open front secured with strategically placed pieces of Velcro.  Every design is created with the following considerations:

  • Comfortable stylish coverage
  • Ease of dressing for the individual and for the caregiver
  • No bulkiness or rough seams to irritate fragile skin
  • Easy-care fabrics

Each piece is made with compassion, love and an understanding of the need for adaptive clothing.  We make “special clothing for special people”.

Full FrontALL “Incubator”

If you have a need for a particular item or if you would like a modification on any of the clothing or comfort accessories currently offered, please contact me.   I work with a team of very creative thinkers who are capable of working with different ideas and different types of materials.


In the Incubator Today

  • Multiple styles and types of clothing – we expect to add several new choices per month.
  • Antimicrobial options for clothing.
  • Clothing made of fabrics with heat-retention properties.
  • Additional comfort items including rain gear.
  • Design for a very portable, sanitary and easy-to-install/de-install tray for wheelchairs. 
  • Wheelchair seat stabilizer.

Full FrontALL

“What is that bug and why is it in your logo??”

The Dragonfly 

Full FrontALL, LLC is devoted to creating products intended for use by any individual in need of adaptive clothing or other items.  As a symbol of our mission, the dragonfly was included in the logo due to its association with change, transformation and adaptability.  Spiritually, dragonflies are believed to be connected to the symbolism of change and light.

Dragonflies begin their life in the water and then begin to fly.  They are often seen near wetlands, rivers, ponds, or lakes.  They are carnivores and survive by eating mosquitos (30 to 100 per day!) and flies.  

Dragonflies have an ethereal quality as they propel themselves through the air on gossamer-type wings which can flap 30 times per second.  They have been on earth for over 300 million years and have survived as a species due to their ability to adapt.

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